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During the revolutionary wars (1792-1799) and - especially - in the Napoleonic period (1799-1815), France probably had the most efficient war machine on the Old Continent, which almost led to its lasting hegemony over Europe. It will be a truism to say that the key element of this machine was the French army. Cavalry played a very important role in this army. Dragoons regiments played a significant role in its ranks, which was and is still considered to be a cavalry formation in France during the reign of Henry IV (1589-1610). Shortly before the outbreak of the Great Revolution, the number of their regiments was 18, only to increase in the course of the revolution wars. In 1803 Napoleon - still as the 1st Consul - increased the number of dragoon regiments to 30, but in 1811 he transformed 6 dragoon regiments into lancer units. In 1815, there were only 15 dragoon regiments in the French army. It is worth adding that from 1803 the dragoons regiment consisted of about 720 soldiers and officers. After 1803, the dragoons' helmets were very similar to the cuirassier's, with the exception of the officers who wore a la Minerve helmets. Frock coat-shaped uniform jackets were always green - regardless of the regiment. Leather pants and boots completed the uniforms. The basic weapon was the AN IX rifle with a bayonet caliber of 17.5 mm, and therefore the same one used by French volteters. Additionally, the dragoons received a pair of wz. 1763 and scabbards of various designs, e.g. AN IV, AN IX or AN XI. The best commanders of this formation include, for example, General Colbert, who distinguished himself especially at Austerlitz (1805) and I³awa Pruska (1807), and General d'Hilliers, who served in Spain in 1809-1811.

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Kataloğa eklendi: 30.10.2004
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